Deliver impactful clinical programs on the first low-code platform for value-based care.

Our low-code platform improves your healthcare operations by making it easy to share data, improve workflows, communicate with patients and support your clinical teams so they can focus on providing great care.

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Curitics is a platform, not a point-solution; enabling use cases across a wide range of organizations of any size.

Having a full picture of a patient’s health can make all the difference when it comes to identifying risks, building out new revenue streams, and making key decisions. We understand the importance of accurate and up to date patient information, as well as the need to access and share it with ease.

Medical services and home health providers are on the front lines of successful population health management strategies. Support for these providers means better care coordination and fewer gaps in care for your patients and lower operating costs for your enterprise.

Coordinating a network of providers and a population of patients takes careful planning and management. Having the right information at your fingertips allows you to align programs across your enterprise and easily share data with your provider network and payor partners for optimal patient outcomes.

Behavioral health providers know the impact social determinants of health (SDOH) can have on a patient’s condition. Innovative mental and behavioral healthcare delivery programs allow for high-touch workflows, integrated telehealth, and ongoing self-assessment to understand a patient’s SDOH and improve care plan adherence.

Low-code for healthcare

Integrating existing healthcare solutions is cumbersome and costly. Curitics eliminates these barriers by providing data integration, patient engagement, clinical documentation, review, and submission capabilities in one platform. Backed by a robust low-code configuration layer, complex programs can be enabled quickly and easily adapt as needs evolve. In short, you can quickly customize your programs without writing code.


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