Smarter workflows for in the home or on the road

With powerful, built-in workflows and intelligent routing tools, you can see more patients in less time and document visits more effectively.

Medical Services Delivery Ecosystem with Curitics

Curitics provides an operating system in which multiple clinical workflows can be executed, simplifying program deployment, enabling the sunset of legacy systems; all while improving efficiency and reducing interoperability challenges.


With all the functionality you need in one, simple clinician-focused scheduling workflow you’re able to dispatch the right clinicians to your patients and schedule visits across a wide degree of settings.


Easily remind patients of upcoming appointments with powerful and easy to configure reminders. Utilize channels such as text, email and robocall to reduce no-show rates and improve clinician efficiency.


Design the clinical documentation needed for your programs, increase the speed that you capture specific visit types and improve your documentation with rulesets to capture procedural codes and recommend suspect diagnosis.

Better optimize schedules for on-the-road clinicians

Schedule smarter with computer-generated recommendations to reduce travel time and preview routes in advance. Leverage historical data to understand driving distance and estimate drive times based on intuitive traffic pattern data.

Document visits with greater flexibility

Document visits intuitively using our smart forms across a wide range of devices including tablets. React to no-shows quickly within intuitive rescheduling workflows and engage with patients using telehealth all on one platform.