Clinical Quality

Continuity between existing systems throughout your business enterprise is a must. We offer a complete solution stack covering prospective, concurrent and retrospective coding coupled with robust electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities to ensure the right information is shared with the right partners to advance your mission.

Flexible Coding Workflows

Simplify your prospective, concurrent and retrospective coding workflow with industry leading features such as pre-emptive search, integrated coding guidelines, annotation and notes and multi-screen views.

OCR and NLP Enabled

Accelerate and optimize coding workflows by automatically extracting ICD-10 and CPT codes from paper forms using optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP). Integration is simple and works with fax and paper-based systems.

EDI & Automated Admin

Experience the benefits of continuity between existing systems and your partner ecosystem with robust EDI capabilities and support for standard and proprietary data formats.