Take on and manage risk with confidence

The Curitics low-code platform allows managed services organizations (MSOs) to easily assess risk and quickly deploy programs to improve patient care, contain costs, boost member engagement and improve quality and financial outcomes.

Managed Services Organization Ecosystem with Curitics

Curitics provides an operating system in which multiple clinical workflows can be executed, simplifying program deployment, enabling the sunset of legacy systems; all while improving efficiency and reducing interoperability challenges.


Easily identify the right members for engagement in your condition education, and care and disease management programs. Build campaigns for program enrollment using robust omni-channel communication capabilities and foster care team collaboration through our unique brandable portal.


Curitics empowers your programs with data. Understand the impact that each of your workflows has against organizational benchmarks, quality and risk metrics and identify where change is needed to achieve the goals of your members and organization.


Make real-time changes to your programs as needs arise using our intuitive administrative toolset. Quickly adapt your workflows and clinical documentation and more without having to engage engineering services.

Execute impactful programs to control costs and better manage care of high-risk populations

Prioritize members based on clinical or financial risk factors and monitor outreach and interventions. Our centralized dashboards draw focus to the touchpoints and activities that can reduce risk and improve outcomes. Extend management beyond a phone call by engaging members using text, telehealth or your own brandable portal.

Drive effective clinical coding programs

Drive efficiency in your clinical coding programs using NLP-aided ICD-10 and CPT extraction along with prebuilt workflows for prospective, concurrent and retrospective review.