Ankit Srivastav

Vice President, Product and Delivery

As Vice President of Product and Delivery, Ankit Srivastav leads the Curitics team of highly productive engineers at the company’s delivery center in India. Ankit joins Curitics with more than 12 years of experience working with healthcare technology-based startups and has a specialty in off-shore operations. Prior to joining Curitics, Ankit led an engineering delivery center in India for Innoid Health.

Ankit holds a Bachelor of Technology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University in India and has always been fascinated with how things work. He makes it a point to get involved in each layer of the healthcare technology business to achieve an enriched patient and provider experience and deliver substantial results through digital and technology-driven solutions.

When Ankit isn’t focused on healthcare technology, he turns to books and poetry. Ankit has published 25 poetry articles to date and is an avid reader. He also cherishes his personal relationships and although he spends most of his time developing technology, at the end of the day, he believes human connection is what matters most.