Nupur Raheja

Product Management Office and Quality Assurance

Nupur Raheja oversees the Product Management Office and Quality Assurance at Curitics Health. In this role, Nupur is responsible for the overall functioning, quality and delivery of Curitics products for our clients. Nupur joins Curitics with more than 14 years of IT experience of which 11 years were spent working with multiple value-based clients including KPWA insurance, Tenet Healthcare and Hamad Healthcare in Qatar.

Nupur’s 360 degree understanding of provider and payor relationships when it comes to treatment and claims makes her a huge asset to our client services team in terms of profitability, functionality and her ability to impact great patient care using technology. She also brings a wealth of knowledge to her team when it comes to working within the norms of the US healthcare system and is skilled in managing teams both onsite and offshore.

Nupur holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology from JayPee Institute of Information Technology in Noida, India and has advanced certifications from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). When she’s not serving and leading in the healthcare technology space, Nupur enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with family and loves a good binge-watch session of one of her favorite shows.