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Executive Summary

The Curitics Provider Module is a low-code, highly configurable encounter documentation and care management solution designed to empower the complete member care delivery experience. With features including: member 360 views, member and caregiver portal, integrated telephony, and integrated telemedicine, providers can engage in a wide degree of complex and regulatory heavy programs with ease atop a single application.

The member 360 view provides a comprehensive overview of member information, including demographics, medical history, medications, and allergies, allowing providers to make informed decisions about care management. The member and caregiver portal enables members and their caregivers to access health information, and communicate with providers through secure messaging.

Integrated telephony and telemedicine make it easy for providers to communicate with members and offer virtual consultations. The application allows providers to capture complete encounter notes and document care management interventions through robust longitudinal views, providing a more holistic vantage point to address the most pressing challenges of the member.

The Curitics Provider module is highly configurable, allowing users to customize the interface to meet their specific needs. It is also low-code, which means providers can create custom workflows and reports without the need for extensive programming knowledge.