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Member Notes

The “Notes” tab of longitudinal record enables users to view all notes associated with a specific member, the note category and the associated case if applicable.

If users wish to create a new note associated with the member, the “Create Note” button in the upper right can be clicked. This button will open a new interface where the following can be specified:

  1. Note Subject
  2. Note Description
  3. Category
    1. Dependent upon the category chosen, additional fields may populate
  4. Case Name (optional, if the case is associated with a case)
  5. Available in Portal (optional, if the note should be shown in the care team portal)
  6. Late Entry (optional, indicate if the note is a late entry)
  7. Document Name (optional, if uploading a document, specify a friendly name for the document)
  8. Type (optional, if uploading a document, specify document category)
  9. Choose Document (optional, if uploading a document, specify the document)

Once mandatory fields are completed, click the “Create Note” button to save the note to the member record.