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Executive Summary

The Curitics Data Manager module is a highly flexible software capability designed to streamline the generation of healthcare-centric data output formats, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare data management. This module supports a wide range of output formats, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files such as 837P claims, as well as PDF-based summaries. By providing user-configurable formats, the Curitics Data Output module enables healthcare professionals to tailor the output to their specific needs, ensuring optimal data accessibility and comprehension.

Key features of the Curitics Data Output module include:

  • Versatile output formats: The module can generate a broad array of healthcare data outputs, including EDI (837P claims), PDF summaries, and other popular healthcare data exchange formats. This versatility allows healthcare organizations to adapt to evolving industry standards and seamlessly integrate with various systems.
  • User-configurable formatting: Users can customize output formats to suit their unique requirements, particularly where encounter or care management summaries need to be generated in a variety of formats. This feature empowers healthcare professionals to create meaningful and easily digestible summaries.
  • Enhanced data accuracy: By automating the generation of healthcare data outputs, the module reduces the risk of human error and ensures that data is presented in a consistent manner.
  • Improved efficiency: The Curitics Data Output module accelerates the data generation process, saving healthcare professionals valuable time and resources. By automating the generation of multiple output formats, the module enables organizations to optimize their workflows and focus on providing quality care to patients.