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Managing Master Data

The master data management interface accessible by admins through the main dashboard sidebar provides self service capabilities around editing dropdown values and various datasets throughout the platform.

Supported Datasets in Master Data Management

DatasetChoose Global Category
Anatomical Systemsn/a
Appointment Length Sub-Typesn/a
Appointment Typesn/a
Care Management Note Categoriesn/a
Care Management Note Subcategoriesn/a
Care Management Note Subcategories Dispositionsn/a
Care Plan Asset Prioritiesn/a
Care Plan Asset Statusesn/a
Care Plan Diagnosis Groupingsn/a
Care Plan Library – Barriersn/a
Care Plan Library – Goalsn/a
Care Plan Library – Interventionsn/a
Care Plan Library – Problemsn/a
Case Statusesn/a
Case Typesn/a
Codeset: Diagnosis/ICDn/a
Codeset: LOINCn/a
Codeset: Medicationsn/a
Codeset: Procedural/CPTn/a
Condition Treatment Plansn/a
Gaps in Care Measuresn/a
Gaps in Care Measure Typesn/a
Global Dropdown Valuesn/a
Global Dropdown ValuesAllergies
Global Dropdown ValuesAppointment Types
Global Dropdown ValuesCall Disposition Statuses
Global Dropdown ValuesCall Disposition Reasons
Global Dropdown ValuesCall Disposition Outcomes
Global Dropdown ValuesCoder Reject Reasons
Global Dropdown ValuesCoder Response Values
Global Dropdown ValuesControl Types
Global Dropdown ValuesCondition Provider Responses
Global Dropdown ValuesCondition Statuses
Global Dropdown ValuesEthnicities
Global Dropdown ValuesFeet
Global Dropdown ValuesGenders
Global Dropdown ValuesInches
Global Dropdown ValuesLabs Unable to Reach Reasons
Global Dropdown ValuesLanguages
Global Dropdown ValuesLogin Destination End Points
Global Dropdown ValuesMathmatical Comparison Expressions
Global Dropdown ValuesMedication Units of Measure
Global Dropdown ValuesMedication Frequencies
Global Dropdown ValuesMedication Side Effects
Global Dropdown ValuesMedication Statuses
Global Dropdown ValuesPulse Oximetry Values
Global Dropdown ValuesScheduling Types
LOINC Benchmarksn/a