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Member Care Team

Documenting the care team at the member level is crucial for care coordination, accountability, continuity of care, legal protection, quality improvement, and patient engagement. It promotes effective communication among healthcare professionals, ensures smooth transitions between providers, and enables ongoing enhancements in care while also fostering member involvement in their own healthcare journey.

The “Care Team” tab of longitudinal record enables users to document care team members and provide access to the read-only care team portal.

Add A New Care Team User Not Already Known to the System

To add a new care team user who does not already have a user account in Curitics, click “Create New User and Add to Care Team”.

Within the “Add Care Team Member” interface, specify:

  1. Status = Active or disabled
  2. Role
    1. Patient (if you wish to give the patient direct access to care team portal)
    2. Parent
    3. Health Provider
    4. Adult Child
    5. Caregiver
    6. POA
    7. Other
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Email 
  6. Phone Number 
  7. Address 1
  8. City
  9. State
  10. Postal Code
  11. County
  12. Notes (optional)
  13. Enable Member Portal Access (provide this care team member access to portal)
Associating A New Care Team User Already Known to the System

To add a new care team user who already has a user account in Curitics, click the “Add Existing Curitics User to Care Team” option.

The user then has an ability to search existing users by name and the ability to Assign them to the members care team.

Care Team Portal

The Care Team portal provides read-only access to the following elements of the longitudinal record

  • Cases
  • Care Plan
  • Notes
  • Documents

Access is provided to the portal by choosing the “Enable Member Portal Access” when adding care team members.