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Task Queue

The Task Queue, accessible from the top navigation bar within the Provider Module provides a macro level view of all tasks managed in the system. The tasks queue allows for navigation into individual member records and provides an ability to search all tasks either by the name of the task or the name of the member.

Filtering Capabilities

The task queue includes the following filtering capabilities. Filter by:

  • Client(s)
  • Project(s)
  • Assigned User
  • Assigned Team
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Case Type

Bulk Reassignment Capabilities

  • The tasks queue include checkboxes for each task
    • The user can select tasks one-by-one or
    • All within the current page by selecting the checkbox within the header
  • User with the is_manager permission will see a “Reassign” button in the upper right of the interface
  • Clicking the button will open a modal with options for the user to select if they wish to reassign the selected tasks to a user
  • The user can select a user
  • Clicking the “Reassign Tasks” button will prompt the user to confirm they wish to reassign the selected task before the system executes on the reassignment